Applicable Resources


The Veterans Treatment Dockets:


These are specific court dockets for veterans with discharges that are not considered dishonorable. Veterans who are charged with a misdemeanor crime and who have a mental health diagnosis or a substance abuse problem related to mental health are eligible for this treatment docket. 

Click here to learn about the veterans treatment docket.

The Cohen Veterans Network:

 Network of clinics to treat veterans with mental health concerns.
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Discharge Up-Grades:

At this time, Reine R. is not personally handling any discharge upgrades, but has contacts with several organizations which do.  

  • The Veterans Consortium, which assists veterans with obtaining no cost representation while seeking an up-grade.  Please note you must have a diagnosed PTSD or TBI disorder for the Consortium to accept your claim for representation:

Feres Must Go:

Should active duty or veteran members be allowed to sue the military for egregious acts, such as rape, medical malpractice, and friendly fire related deaths?

American University Washington College of Law Professor, Andrew Popper (former Marine- Vietnam Era), writes a compelling argument for overruling Feres in his forthcoming publication: 

Andrew Popper, Rethinking Feres: Granting Access to Justice for Service Members, 60 B.C.L. Rev. 1491 (2019).

 A link to the PDF and a nice FAQ concerning the matter can be found here: